About us

The Coordination Europe-Haiti is a network of engaged European civil society organisations and platforms. We work closely with civil society organisations and movements in Haiti. Our members come from six European countries.

The Coordination Europe-Haiti was founded in 2004. The platform consists of European civil society organisations and platforms from different European countries, most of them EU member states.

The purpose of the platform is threefold

To assemble

organisations, movements and groups in Europe that are engaged with human rights and sustainable development in Haiti, and share relevant information with each other

To give a voice

to Haitian civil society in the international political arena, with a special focus on the European Union and its various institutions, both in Haiti and in Strasbourg and Brussels

To be a reliable and effective advocate

for the interests of Haitian civil society, in order to promote a fruitful relationship between the EU and Haiti, through political dialogue, trade and development cooperation

Principles and priorities

We adhere to the following principles:
human rights, international solidarity, effective action for Haitian partner organizations, impartiality and independence, democracy and mutual respect.

Our priorities are:

  • promotion of democracy and human rights in Haiti;
  • enabling strong participation of Haitian civil society in policy debates about development in Haiti;
  • giving a voice to the concerns of Haitian civil society in Brussels and Strasbourg;
  • an EU which accounts for its aid to Haiti in a transparent manner;
  • a strong and sustainable agricultural sector so as to enhance Haiti’s food sovereignty and fair trade

How the platform is organized

  • The main organ of the platform is the General Assembly.The members meet in Brussels twice a year. They approve the budget and annual plan of the platform. They discuss the priorities and give a mandate to the Steering Committee to advocate on behalf of the members. They provide the Steering Committee with all relevant information about developments in Haiti
  • The day-to-day activities are undertaken by the Steering Committee. It consists of four members. The Steering Committee meets every three weeks. It is responsible for drafting statements and letters, for organizing lobby & advocacy meetings with EU decision makers and parliamentarians, and for all other day-to-day business of the platform. The Steering Committee keeps the members updated about trends and developments at EU level.
  • The platform has a permanent Facilitator in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Her role is to provide a link between the Coordination Europe-Haiti in Brussels, and civil society partners in Haiti. She encourages Haitian civil society partners to collaborate in their advocacy towards the EU and other international partners. Finally, the Facilitator represents the platform vis-à-vis the EU Delegation in Haiti.

Meet the Steering Committee

Barbara Küpper

Barbara Küpper chairs the Coordination Europe-Haïti since 2018. She works for MISEREOR, the German Catholic Bishops’ Organization for Development Cooperation since 2002. After several years as a project manager for different countries in Africa she presently accompanies local partners in Haiti in implementing activities in the field of rural development, health, education and human rights.

‘I believe that the situation in Haiti can only change if people and especially politicians change their behaviour all over the world. We really have to appeal to the consciences of the powerful in Europe and stand up for fair terms of international trade to protect our partners, especially in Haiti.’

Els Hortensius

Els has worked for almost 35 years for the Dutch organisation ICCO. From the very beginning of the Coordination Europe-Haiti she has been active in the platform, representing ICCO. At the beginning of 2015 ICCO terminated its programme in Haiti, but Els continues her engagement with Haiti as a volunteer with the Coordination Europe-Haiti.

« Since my first visit to Haiti in 1997, I have been fascinated by the country and its citizens. I feel challenged to give my  support to make the voice of Haitians heard in Brussels. »

Greet Schaumans

Greet is one of the founding members of the Coordination Europe-Haiti. She has been working for the Belgian NGO Broederlijk Delen as manager of the program for Haiti, and for the Belgian NGO confederation 11.11.11 as coordinator of the post-earthquake reconstruction programme. She now works for the platform on a voluntary basis.

‘To be a voice for the Haitian organisations who are struggling for a better life for the Haitian people.’

Jules Girardet

Jules represents the French NGO CCFD-Terre Solidaire and is responsible for partner relations in the Caribbean and the Brazilian Amazon region.

Régis Ponthieux

Régis represents the Collectif Haiti de France in the Coordination Europe-Haiti. He is also a member of GREF, the French Groupement Éducateurs Sans Frontières.

« Primarily interested in Haiti because of its glorious and tragic history, especially its tormented links with France, and because of its warm and cheerful people. Involved in concrete projects of support to education and support to schools by training teachers, directors and managers. »

Claude Mormont

Claude Mormont has worked for the Belgian NGO Entraide et Fraternité, for which he worked at different levels with Haitian partners since 1998, especially as partnerships officer for Haiti from 2012 till 2017. Currently he works as a volunteer in the coordination of Plate-Forme Haïti.be, where he represents the Mouvement ATD Quart Monde.

« The courage of the Haitian people demands respect, especially in view of the injustices and misery that overwhelm them. This is what drives me to join forces with them, to aspire for just and solidary relations between the European Union and Haiti.. »